Thursday, February 15, 2007

my apartment take 2

so, we have my refrigerator having issues. property manager argued with me about whether or not it was working. i clearly demonstrated it wasn't working. he looks kinda bad. i had to redemonstrate the window problem. the shower now finally is back to its semi-original state.

my neighbour still has a problem with the buggies. and it impacts me. i keep my apt pretty clean. i scrub the bathroom every week and sometimes more when i feel compelled. i pick a patch of hardwood floor every week and scrub it down. eventually i make my way through the whole floor.

the only thing i'm guilty of is having four or five stacks of books laying about. i am actually reading all of them. i think by reading them simultaneously, i do better. as i have to get back to the point where i was which includes reviewing pages i have already read. so by the time i actually do finish a book.... i feel as if i understand it. at least on some level.

back to my original post. down with buggies from neighbours, broken refrigerators, broken windows, and slumlords.

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