Thursday, February 08, 2007


i was kinda dumb-founded during the presidential address that more people didn't jump on the health care tax thing. i was happy to hear a scathing address from jim hightower this morning regarding the idiotic idea.

ok. tax the middle class who have "gold-plated" policies. what a great idea. no wait, you said you wouldn't raise taxes. whoopsie. but i thought you were an honest guy. *NOT*

and then let's have the poor people who typically have more health problems *buy* a policy. whoopsie.

guess what. in 2003 i had an annual check up on a surgery i had had over 1 year prior. My cobra ran out. I was paying $396/month for said cobra.

kaiser said because i had been to the doctor in the six months prior, that i was uninsurable. come back in a month. i guess bush-whack hasn't had to deal with any real world medical scenarios.

now i'm paying $166.10/month for catastrophic insurance. which means if you have anything up to $2500 it's on you. they negotiate what they like to call discounts for me. well. one time they saved me a whole $25. too bad the rest of the tab was $227.12.

he wants to knock out the middle class. that's his main objective. it's getting more to a dictatorship every minute. he thinks he's getting line item veto. what i think he deserves is closer to the impeachment area.

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