Sunday, May 31, 2009

Save the date!!!

I'm proud to announce that on 18 July I will be throwing a party @ Anu with some of my favourite and also very talented DJs!!!

Headlining will be the very talented Monty Luke of Mothership who I will be bringing in from Detroit. Say it with me now... "Woo HOO"

Joining us on the decks will be the über-talented, über-versatile, and fabulous Chris Leath. Also joining us will be the one & only Dev E of Non stop. Come & get it while it's hot kidz!

What: Party @ Anu

When: 18 July 09

DJs: Monty Luke (Mothership)
Chris Leath (Leath-AL, EOM Sessions)
Dev E (Non-stop)
DJ Zenith (Funkentanzen)

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