Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So this AM I went to my favourite local coffee/crepe place where my friends work on my way to my morning walk. My buddy was in the back so I talked to the other people that work there that I've been getting to know & love. These people are fabulous. They've made my stay in Berlin most enjoyable

I heard this other guy talking on the phone and I understood the entired conversation. When I first got here, I didn't even understand the train conductors. It was sad. I was stuck to reading signs. It all sounded like a blur to me. But now, my ears have finally hit the frequency and some people now I either mostly or fully understand

When my friend got done with what he was doing he came out and told me he was listening to me talking German the last few days and he said I've really improved a lot. He said he understands me perfectly now.


This has been such a humbling experience for me. I had the worst German teacher ever. Seriously. We did almost no speaking. So I was quite a bit bummed out when I got here and felt completely helpless in conversations. Reading I'm really good but speaking is what you want to do anyway, right?

Well I'm on my way now. Did I say woo hoo?


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