Sunday, October 12, 2008

What's Next

I'm buying a Mac Pro lap top. Why? Well, good question. The answer is: Serato. I'm switching from vinyl to digital, not because I want to, but because I have to. To stay competitive. So in a little bit I go to look @ what likely is going to be my new lap top.

I'm also taking ballet. I am LOVING this new ballet workshop I'm into. There's something fantastic about dancing to classical piano. And this class is geared towards people who are interested in the why we do moves a certain way, complete with a skeleton she uses to show us joint rotation. Ballet is the fundamental of all dance. And ballet is all about balance and knowing where your center of gravity is.

Yoga: We follow that up on Saturday AMs with a yoga class. All I can say is phew. This is only the fourth yoga class I've ever done. And the first one in six years. And if I hadn't done gymnastics as a kid I would have been dead from this one. D-E-D (just kidding folks. I know how to spell dead). Gone. Poof. Expired.

Piano. yes! I finally got my key set back out and started playing again. I just love playing piano. It feels like it's where I belong. I'm thankful that my parents put me in front of a piano @ such young age. PARENTS: Give your kidz the gift of teaching them how to play an instrument. It's everything.

German: Still studying my fool head off.

Running/lots of long walks/walk-to-work-day/exercise: Still crazy into that.

A new CD: I have one more CD in me that's going to be all vinyl and I'll record it in the next few weekends. It will be a studio CD. It's a dance-drive mix that's going to be Deep Deep Tech House.

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