Wednesday, September 20, 2006

let's talk about fly

my rents are so gonna kill me for this. but they are featured in my let's fly this week.

i can truthfully say we had a pretty rough how many first years. honestly. i won't tell you how many. but why do i love them?

flat out. they are open to hearing what i have to say. even when we didn't get along, i knew i could call them and they would be to my side in a new york minute.

i credit my dad for my warped since of humour, passion for music and jazz, and uncompromising no excuses get it done attitude. also, he passed his love of all things geeky to me (we are super science dorks --> you've been warned --> maybe we're dorks in general).

my mum is fierce. see that red hair? it's all real baby. we came from somewhere btwn sweden and northern germany both. then down to south carolina.

my mum could kick your butt at golf, or in general (see red hair go up in flames), whilst cooking you up the best darned southern fried chicken this side of the mississippi. she has a marvelous sense of direction. i credit her for raising us boys and girls equally.

she also passed her popcorn addiction along to me (it's genetic). thx to her, i make serious home-made popcorn. i don't even own a microwave.

right now, in music i've been listening to my DJ partner Native Intelligence's cd: Live @ Sugar, Ghosts in the House. I like it cuz it does what I call the slow creep. Waney as I like to call (Duane) is master of the funky voice overs. I could pick his music out in my sleep, always. He mixes everything together.

In movies, I just saw: The 40 year-old Virgin. It's quite possibly the funniest movie made. I said on a continuous loop every 1-2 minutes, You poor b*stard. Thanks to K.K & M.S. for having me over Saturday.


jw said...

Do the 'rents still live near me?

Our area has quite a few changes over the past few years. When where you here last?

DJ Zenith said...

rents still live near you.

i haven't been home in a while. i try to do every six months but that is changing.

i'm thinking me & said rents should meet up at national parks & monuments and see the US together (awww.... yak)

it is their fault i have the wander-lust