Sunday, July 15, 2007

CD Release: You're a Star [7/7/07]

Heya Peeps!

I have just finished another CD. Yup. Number 7. Lucky number 7 on 7.7.07.

I'm really excited about this one. I have been playing with some amazing DJs who have inspired me. This CD is the by-product. Enjoy!

I have attached a high-fidelity version and a lo-fi version. The standard disclaimer with my website applies. There's very little bandwidth here. Read a 900 page novel while it's downloading and come back. It should be done by then (PS -- my hosting guy warned me that his setup didn't have a lot of bandwidth, so don't blame him). It's not streamed so you need to save this to your hard drive and wait for it to finish (this could be over an hour).

Hi-Fi: You're a Star - 320 mbps

Lo-Fi: You're a Star - 128 mpbs

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