Friday, June 29, 2007

LM - 2007 take 1

we had a wonderful campout. The spot was a spiritual haven. and it couldn't have been with a better group of people. i only was able to take a few pics and shoot a video before filling up my card. sowwy, folks. the fact that i didn't do more means i had a good time.

Here's one of me Saturday night (thanks to H.R.)

It got pretty cold. Thanks a million to the thoughtful friends who brought the fire pits. There were two.

here's RJ (Lo Rise) doing his thang:

and here's a video that will take forever to download. It's not streamed. again, my apologies. Check out T's tricked sh*rt (when asked where he got it, he said... "sorry man, i got the last one")

T. getting it on!

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