Monday, May 07, 2007

friends, friends, and bad-azz friends

Yesterday my friend circles converged upon themselves one more time.

See if you can follow this. So. Yesterday was the 2007 How Weird Festival. My oldest friend group in San Francisco started with me meeting K.C. at 111 Minna almost 4.5 years ago at Qool (111 Minna's Wednesday night thing). I haven't been to that in about 4 years... FYI.

K.C. has recommended me for many gigs. He's pretty harsh sometimes but always real. He's from New York and I respect real. I can handle it.

So follow this. I met my curly-headed foo foo (a good friend of mine) through this guy I dated last July. One of my good friends, knigget, was hitting on him kinda mercilessly (he's pretty hot people). July guy works in a gay bar so it was not out of line to for my best friend to hope he was gay at least. July guy ended up telling knigget that he was hoping to go out with me instead. Awww. I met curly-headed foo-foo one time when I was hanging out with Mr. July. Curly-headed foo foo and I have been buddies ever 'since.

So a lady-friend I met through curly-headed foo foo is now dating a guy affiliated with my oldest friend group and K.C. She showed up at K.C.'s fat-arse pad yesterday and hung out with us all day. Yay. Additionally, someone I worked with two years ago was also at the party. I spent a good deal of time at her camp at BM 2005.

Yesterday was *so* much fun. I feasted on strawberries, home-made whipped cream, and decent croissant [pretty good for stuff you get here in the states]. The weather couldn't have been better and the mix of people was quite good.

Saturday two weeks ago I had a similar friend-convergence experience. My buddy, R.R. had told me I should meet his buddies cuz they are also DJs and quite good. I show up to the party he invited me to and guess what??? Not only do I know these DJs... I've played with one of them. I had an awesome time.

I feel pretty privileged to be a part of this circle of people. They make this planet a pretty fun place to be.

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