Sunday, October 22, 2006

on parenting

i was talking to my dad recently... we are so close. i adore both of my parents for entirely different reasons... i was describing fear.

dad explains it all so well... "you are a blair! blairs take the bull by the horns, look him squarely between the eyes, and give him the 1-2 squarely between the eyes! you're fearless. i raised you fearless!"

yes dad. you are right. what was i thinking???!!!

i love my dad.

my coworker, T. said recently on being a father... whether it's trying not to make the same mistake or acting just like his parents... they made their mark and he will always be their child.

truer words were never spoken.

i'm not a parent but if i were... i think it's a tremendous responsibility. the future is our children. raise them well.

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