Thursday, October 05, 2006

funny coinky-dink

so yesterday AM i was thinking really intently (and pretty much half asleep since i'd been up since 4 am) about this guy i was dating... mostly about the good times we did have together and such.

who pops in? no, not him. this guy hops in the muni and sits down next to me... he said, "you know... your boy S. kicked me out of so & so.... said i was annoying the customers."

that was funny. seriously.

funny, funny coincidence.

in fact, this past week i ran into:

a) an ex-boyfriend... actually both of them in the same darned 4 hour time-span.

b) someone S. kicked out of his bar

c) and button accordion player in my friend Steve's irish band

the fact that i met two on one day and two yesterday says something odd. hmmmm

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