Friday, March 23, 2007

latest and greatest

i have three days or so to decide if i'm sticking with my apt. i have had to have no less than 15 land lord visits in over a year. i am considering moving out to the beach. recently, i was reminded of a previous life in which i wanted to get a masters in physical oceanography. i even had support for the program.

it was with my alma matter... which happens to be in the top 2-3 in the US for this sort of pursuit. however, i couldn't stomach the idea of even 1 more month in southeastern va. i remember to this day driving with my car packed to NOVA cackling with happy laughter the whole way in the midst of a snow storm.

i am in discussions with a company in london as well. they are willing to pay top notch as well as relocation expenses. a london in-person interview wouldn't be too bad either. and it would be great for my DJ career. i would be locked down for two years.

i haven't done any of the blogging from big sur. *yet*. but i will. i have been hiding out from life recently spending most of my days with friends who i adore. their love and support has gotten me through.

look for me to be out gigging again. i have a few irons getting rather toasty in the fire.

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