Wednesday, April 04, 2007

geek out

so. i had a great interview last night. over dinner. i have no expectation to get this job. this man is one of the best and only true architects i have ever met.

he was able to explain inversion of control, how you can use RMI without beans, and many other things. it was fun for me. he would be a tremendous architectural mentor for me. that's what it's about.

the whole interview i could see the gears of his brain turning about how to make the language better... or write another language, or this other language that takes care of threads... why should your engineers worry about threads anyway???

if you don't know what i'm talking about... that's fine.

i feel blessed to have had the privilege. my gutt tells me that i'm heading in the right direction. and that's enough.

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DJ Zenith said...

can you believe? one of the top minds in the business wants to hire me. now we go before the CTO. insane smart man is the chief architect.

i just can't even believe it. this would set my career for good. working for him would teach me so much. i would change my name to sponge.

how could i be so lucky???

thank you world.