Saturday, November 04, 2006

on lies

i've been thinking a lot about lies and why people lie recently. this has been a banner year for lies. every single date i have been on this year included a pack of lies on our first date. two dates ago lied about having kids and being married. another provided me with a phoney last name.

this wasted guy asked me out the other night. i proceed to ask him about lying. i want to see how he takes it. he responds to me that he really doesn't understand what's wrong with lying at all. e-x-a-c-t-l-y. this guy possessed no sense of right and wrong.

i even had my ex try to me convince that he was in fact cleaning... and i just didn't notice. the whole point to cleaning is noticing. the modern miracle of invisible cleaning is awessome, ey? what will those techies think of next???!!!

lies always come out in the end. then you are in trouble. because 1: person knows you lied and 2: whatever you didn't want that person to know comes out also. 3: then people are extremely upset rather than the originial kind of upset.

the mark of maturity is honesty. you are so comfortable and secure with yourself that you are open and honest about who that is. that's the guy i want to date. that's the guy i want in my life. someone kind and honest and smart. do they exist??? i believe they do. they are just harder to find.

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