Friday, December 22, 2006 and 2 New CDs

Greetings Earthlings

So! I'm back from NOLA in 1 piece no less. I'm stoked about the holiday season. I tried to bah-humbug it but these friendly San Franciscans have beaten me into co-ercion. By the way, you have 8 I repeat 8 shopping days until my b-day on
1 January. You are cordially invited to join me at the Green Gorilla Lounge underground on New Year's Eve and also the annual trip to Stompy at Cafe Cocomo on New Year's Day. If you don't join me, at least do a drinkey poo in my general direction.

Today I will be jamming it hard on I will be kept company by the very awesome Leonard at In House Records and more records than a girl could wish for. Ever. Hint: Records make great birthday gifts people. Hint Hint: I repeat, records make great b-day gifts people. Ahem.

PS: All the boys at In House, Zen City, & Tweekin Records know my tastes if you don't. Call me if you need the addresses.

What: DJ Zenith on

Where: I repeat:

When: 3 - 5 PM.



The local watering hole has been playing my latest CD like 8 times on a Saturday. Sheet. I don't even like it that much. They requested I record a new one. I'm resurrecting my last project: The Answer Is.... The new project is: Please Talk Sh*t

I won't be able to get to my new sound card until tomorrow. And tomorrow is super-holiday party time. So. Early next week. I'll let you know.

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