Monday, January 19, 2009

Dive Log: Day 3 - Eagle Ray Alley

Eagle Ray Alley

This dive I got to dive with a dive master. Dive masters have done a lot of diving so they tend to have fabulous eyes...

He tapped his tank and I looked in front of me and there was a nurse shark

Then it started swimming right towards me and veered left @ the last minute!!!

And then I looked up and immediately there was another shark... this time a juvenile black-tipped reef shark:

We couldn't get the green moray to come out of his hole but he did stick his head out to hiss @ us... You can actually hear this hiss underwater...

Trumpet Fish

I swam a bit with this southern ray:

For whatever reason i didn't see many schools of pork fish so i snapped some photos of this one:

There were also other critters.... like a sea urchin:

and a sea cucumber... if you think these things look like a vacuum hose.... you aren't the only one.

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