Monday, January 12, 2009

Dive Log: Day 1

Molasses Reef

So today is the first day I used my old canon digital camera with the digital underwater housing i found for it on the internet. I'm really stoked to have it! Today we dived Molasses Reef.

Spanish Anchor

This anchor wasn't exactly left by the spanish. I was told that it's another bullsh*t Key Largo story. Apparently a boat crashed into the reef, and the locals came out to help. Their help included dropping the ship's anchor and purposely dragging the boat across the reef demolishing it. They then charged the survivors to bring them back to shore and then went back that night and stole everything off the ship.

This dive was a min depth of 15 ft, max of 40 ft, and was supposed to be 60 minutes bottom time. My dive buddy had an issue so I ended up leaving with 1500 psi left in my tank. I did catch a bunch of cool pics though... lookey for yo' self:

Here's a barracuda

A red-eyed squirrel jack

A striped grunt

And a parrot fish

North Star

We went to the other side of the reef. This reef is named for a play on words of the huge coral that are the outer edge of the dive. This dive was a little deeper. It went between 15 - 40 ft and we got about 58 mins of bottom time and I came back with around 500 psi in my tank.

I got a 7-foot grouper on film as well as a blue tang, a french angel fish, and a trumpet fish, some fan coral, and a pork fish amongst other things.

A Blue Tang

A French Angel Fish

A trumpet fish

A trunk fish

Fan Coral


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