Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun times in Miami

So I had an awesome time in Miami with my friend and his Miami friends.

We had a fabulous dinner @ Balan's on Lincoln road which is a large pedestrian walkway in South Beach with a lot of shopping & restaurants.

View from our table:

Lincoln Road Shots (had to get you some hot palm tree action)

We decided we weren't the velvet rope type of crowd so we went out in Downtown Miami. We happened upon an amnesty international fundraiser at this neat little spot called PS 14.

Then we headed to the white room around the corner. The white room was having this 1 year anniversary of a party called Pop Life so despite the pics early on with no one in them... This place ended up being packed out. I'm not a people person per se so I didn't take pics of that. The music was pretty good and I had a great time!

Sunday afternoon we hung out by the pool and then went to this fabulous sunday afternoon lunch destination called shuckers. Shuckers is part of a best western that doesn't seem to get a lot of business.

I took a ton of pics. Here they are:

Thanks, M.!

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