Saturday, January 24, 2009

Giddy Up

So heavan to me is Saturday on a gray day music shoppin'. Or a sunny day outdoors. I'll take them both. See why I always love Satur-daze? and I mean it on the daze.

So I'm workin' on this super-set for Paris. I'm so stoked to do this 4-hour wammy type sets they do. And I'm gonna give them a little MC Solaar cause i think french hip hop is highly appropo.

This last track I just bought is so freaking wicked rad I don't know *what* to do with myself. I can't wait to play it out.

Speaking of record shopping on gray daze I'm up to 20 more tracks which is insane when you smash it with the 27 I got just before I left. I definitely *did* get some downtempo for my super set like the hip hop I mentioned and some other schtuffs.

    Things I'll be steadily working on before I leave are:
  • super set... ahhh the super set

  • business cards... gotta get those done. years coming now.

  • install the 500 GB hard drive on kaput studio puter. install OS. which OS? I don't know

  • recataloguing/organizing all music... new old

  • UGH!!!!

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