Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dive Log Day 2: The Big Scare

The Big Scare

So by now I had been paired up with these people I met for dinner the night before. They were really cool, fun people. Very fun. This happens after an unfortunate incident with my dive buddy @ Hard-bottomed cave. After I finished diving I find out they're harley riders! No wonder they were so fun!

The ├╝ber-shy four-eyed butterfly fish

Again, red-eyed squirrel jack

Rock lobster!!! These guys starting swinging their antenna @ you when you come near their domain. It's as if to say... "I'll kick yo' azz mo-fo! You get out of my hood!" I love it!

This dive featured a couple of swim-throughs:

And beautiful underwater scenes:

And fishies hanging out together:

And my fun dive-buddies took a pic of yours truly:

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