Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Orleans Food Explorations

I thought I would pass on a few tips about restaurants if you're in the local area.

Restaurant to do's:

  • Adolfo's on Frenchmen Street
  • This restaurant is fabulous but beware... it's cash only. I had a fantastic telapia dressed with crabmeat, prawns and a rad sauce. It came with a choice of pasta or salad and garlic bread that knocks your socks off. Yum, yum... i said YUM!

  • Mimi's This restaurant is located in the Marigny district. It has fabulous tapas. The food here is fantastic! We had Gambas Ajilla, Calamari, and a cayenne brownie topped with creme fraiche for dessert. I could say wow 500 more times and it still doesn't cover it.

  • The Gumbo Shop Local recommended for some serious gumbo. You'll need to tell them to give it a kick as it's located in the midst of tourist central... Tourists are notorious for not having the constitution to take that southern spice. I do... Giddy up!

  • Croissant D'Or Patisserie This is where the pics in my other post are from. My local friend explained it best when he said the decor is a match of at minimum 4 different styles... The food is great, You can get desserts, pastries, chocolates... yummy yummy to the tummy

Restaurant to don't's:

  • Angeli's on Decatur - Had a great meal here two years ago... It's changed owners and gone downhill apparently. My friend who treated me to food there last time told me not to go there this time.

  • The Praline Connection... The food here just sux. Sorry. Nothing good to say.

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