Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Let's Play Another Game of Tradeoff Shall We?

I've been living in my place for two years now and my downstairs neighbour has been there for a year now at least... Maybe 1.5 years. One the one hand I'm lucky cuz I've DJed @ 3 AM on Saturdays with no issue.

I gave him my number a long time ago and told him to call me if there was an issue. That's the other hand... On the other hand he's now calling me. For the second time in two weeks.

Last night I came home in a great mood to play my new records... Yes, it was 10 PM on a Monday. He called me round about 11 PM I think.

I think the thing I'm bugged about is how low the volume was. I've played way louder than that in the last couple of years... On a weekend, @ 3 AM, with friends.

I'm hoping it is the late/Monday night factor because it would be really sad if something that makes me so very happy becomes a problem!

The thing to keep in mind is that I don't like the music that loud and am constantly bickering with people about having the music too loud.

Wish me luck on this.

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