Thursday, August 06, 2009

Holey Sh*t

Seriously. My website statistics monitoring program has had China downloading about 25 GBs per MONTH from me.

But now they updated their engine to include my new stuff... And it's 5 August 2009 and they've already downloaded 17.05 GB. Did I mention it's the 5th of August?

5.5 GBs so far today. TODAY.

I'm actually going to have to have to call my website hosting place as I will be going over 100 GB which is my upper limit of data transfer. I don't know what happens then.

I was @ 85 GB last month although only 65GB was "viewed" versus robot traffic.

I don't think the website hosting place cares. I think they will charge me big $$$ whether a robot is to blame or not. Ugh.

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