Thursday, July 01, 2010

Motor City Hoop Jam, Fri 2 Jul 2010

What: Motor City Jam Church!

Where: 23 Club
23 Visitation Ave
Brisbane, CA

Who: Honey Hoops with DJ support from
OddNumber (Motor City Jam)
Zenith (TekAndHaus)
boomBot (Motor City Jam)
Eartender (Motor City Jam)

Join us this Friday as 2 crews are putting together their toys to treat your ears and eyes. Motor City Jam crew on decks and Honey Hoops with their - well hoops. Motor City Jam was looking to get out of your computer and give you some grooves on real sound system and inside real venue. Honey Hoops was looking for DJ crew to spin with and not beside. Now we found each other and all we need is you to witness this tiny peace of history. Come and get down with us, watch us feeding on each others beats and moves, go with the flow, or jack your body, or bounce around, or just stand by and look good - we got you covered.
And speaking of cover, this night is free as in 'free love' or 'free speech'. Sure the place is a bit out of the way but if you love techno, you should know by now that techno always loves you back so why not get a bit out of your way for the love of it - wildest things never happen in downtown anyway ;)

Behind the decks, moving your high heels and platform boots alike:

And in case you missed it:

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Zenith said...

For you facebook junkies... come n git it! Motor City Hoop Church