Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More in Flyer adventures... Next month's party

I got up at 4 AM to get this little number rocking before work. It took me about 4 hours... Mostly going through all of photoshop's fonts then going to the internet trying to find the perfect robot fonts. I hope I rode the line between good robot font & legibility.

So my partner wants a "Zenomena Productions & FreeDub presents in the first line but I think the text will end up looking ridiculous or small or something. I am still just a newb graphic designer after years of trial & error & still no formal training... Maybe i haven't been creative enough yet? He asked me to try.

I do ask everyone what they think of my flyers though :-) You get a surprising amount of info this way. a lot of my friends are graphic designers as it turns out. or at least went to art school for it. Anyway... the adventures continue

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