Sunday, April 20, 2008

Greetings from Mexico

I wanted to let everyone know I'm having an extraordinary time. A special shout out for my friends Kim and Mike who are getting married later today. This hotel is going to be rocked off of it's rocker...

I knew we were in trouble Friday night when we had things a-going with brutal card games, music, and dancing and then the knock came on the door. I said, "Crap... I guess we're finally getting in trouble with hotel security..."

But no... the bar had closed but they were still serving us booze and pitchers personally (not me cuz i don't drink but everyone else)... The problem is they needed to keep a hold of the pitchers so they brought a ton of cups so we could empty the contents into the cups, stick them in the fridge, and press.

In a few days time I have had a rather large iguana on my head, a beautiful parrot on my shoulder, danced the macarena across the pacific ocean, jet skiied, snorkeled, ocean kayaked, done a boat trip to yelapa, sun bathed, shopped, well phew....

Anyway. See you in May.


Congrats Kim & Mike! We all love you.

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