Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fancy Bathrooms

Yes! You read right. Fancy bathrooms.

As I wander around and about San Francisco I've noticed there's some pretty rad bathrooms in sometimes the most obscure place. No, I'm not talking crystal fixtures... i'm talking bathrooms with that certain je ne sais quoi. is the word I'm looking for character?

My disclaimer for the photos I'm posting is that I'm shooting most of these pics from my camera phone with no flash which means a lot of these are blurry... sorry. It's a hazard of the trade.

The first two pics above are from a mural in the woman's bathroom @ Bollyhood Cafe in the Mission which is quite the rad establishment. These two pictures are from Kennedy's Irish Pub and curry House in North Beach. For those of you not in the know... Kennedy's ROCKS! It has really good Indian food. Yes, Indian Food @ an Irish pub.

Yet another thing made possible by the open minds in San Francisco. Who woulda thunk??? But it turned out well.

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