Monday, June 23, 2008

23 June 08 on the Big Love Show

I'm happily returning to the Big Love Show with Native Intelligence.

What: The Big Love Show @ KZSU Stanford, 90.1 FM (Peninsula, South Bay)

When: 23 June 08
3 PM - 6 PM
4:30 - 6 PM set

Listen Live on the Internet, 90.1 FM (Peninsula, South Bay) :

Who: Native Intelligence
      DJ Zenith (Zenomena, Funkentanzen, Stirty Beats)

--Videos From Boom Boom Woods ---------

Video Download time DISCLAIMER: my new website location has a lot more
bandwidth then the old one but this is NOT streamed so you may have to
wait 1-2 minutes for download in the background...

Video Previews from Boom Boom Woods 08:

Me Digging for Plates:

Spinning it just a Little Bit (4 secs):

Spinning it just a lotta bit (26 secs):

Native Intelligence:

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