Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ana Mandara

Ana Mandara is absolutely beautiful! Freaking beautiful. And the mini-setup O'Henry brought in was really nice for that space.

I got there late last night... The reason is that this mini-setup only included CDJs and I had to download enough tracks to play a set.

I don't know about you folks, you who also have DSL.... but it seems that I'm only getting about 20% of the download speed that I'm paying for. My coworker has noticed the same thing about her DSL. On a side note, I am going to call SBC today and complain from the office.

Anyway, because this was the first time I've ever purchased DJ music in a download format... It took me way longer than it should have. I was learning the search engines of the different sites also. So set-up time combined with glacial-paced DSL service put me there @ 11:45. Did I mention we were playing until 1 AM??

Anyway, my friends sounded pretty dope and we'll be doing this again soon! Stay tuned.

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