Friday, June 13, 2008

Service ??? We don't need no STINKIN Service!!!

so i called into SBC/AT&T to complain about the fact that I'm consistently only receiving 20% of the download speed i'm paying for. it took me 5 minutes of navigating through the automated system twice to actually get into a queue with muzak in background.

and thanks to the fact that i was calling on my mobile so i could get privacy at work when i actually *got* someone on the phone and that said mobile service is also with AT&T.... i got cut off right after i got through to someone the first time.

so we're back in the queue now 25 minutes later from when i started said process. on hold... they kept offering me service plus. question: Why would i pay more money for service from an organization who so obviously doesn't give a crap about me???!!!!

i know people who have built the infrastructure around these call centers... these companies are purposely cutting corners by not hiring enough folks. you see... if they actually hire enough staff then some of their executives may not be able to get that third yacht they require. life's a b*tch when you're rich & greedy.

sigh. anyway. i've complained. the cost of the amount of time spent on the phone FAR outweighs the amount of a monthly credit that they will undoubtedly offer me.

i say that because at the end of this 40 minute process... the rep told me they would call back in the next 4 - 5 hours on my mobile and i should be ready and keep the phone line free!

awesome! how about that service???!!!!

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