Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hello, I'm Happy

I just wanted to check in right now to say how happy I am!

Many thanks to the DC folks. I really enjoyed returning to my roots. I learned that undeniably I get myself fired about politics... Like a good little Washington, DC native.

I just had a great bonding session with my records.

I can't believe I'm going @ the pace I'm going right now but I seem to feel good.

I really *do* plan to finish up both a) the scuba pics and b) the boom boom woods pics/template/nontemplate this weekend.

Wish me luck @ my workday marathon tomorrow. I will need to work with serious precision. I must figure out what the rsync is having an issue with.

That is all. And may that **#(*$#(ing ntpd problem kiss my azz!

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