Monday, July 28, 2008

Situation Busy as HECK

If you're wondering where I am right now it's cuz I'm working seriously hard. The only reason I have time to blog is because sh*t's taking FOREVER to download via my company's VPN and I'm too tired from running this evening and then NOT eating dinner to actually get up from my bed to fill this stinkin' drink glass. Yes, I've resorted to working in bed now.

I actually don't *have* to be working quite this way... But I think my life will get a lot easier after I finish building out this prototype and I would rather have the end of the week be more relaxing. So I'm front-loading my week.

Coming up this weekend is Boom Boom Woods - Part Deux (pronounced DUH). When I go up to the woods I want to feel good turning my brain to the completely off position and relaxing the HECK out of myself.

Here's a tip. If you're reading this blog wondering what the heck has happened to me cuz you haven't seen me in forever... You should call. Because if we don't hang out before German class starts up later in August... You can forget about it. I won't be coming up for air until 4 December when class is over.

'Nough Said.

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