Saturday, December 13, 2008

East Coast Driver

Well, one thing I'll never shake is that I'm an east coast driver. In DC, driving makes sense to me (sorry Cali. it's true). People drive like they have somewhere to get to. I respect that.

What does being an east coast driver mean???!!! I have a running dialogue with other drivers and how I feel about their driving. I don't care that they can't hear me. They need this encouragement.

Well, I forgot I had a passenger in the car today. And I love driving with the sun roof open. A driver was tail-gating me and honking, honking, honking.

Well, thank goodness I had the sun roof open. I said, "You like honking.... How about the finger? Do you like that??!!! Stuck my birdie right out the sun roof. Waved it so they saw it. I think they musta liked it. They stopped honking.

Home, sweet home. Where other drivers feel me.

I doubt that my passenger will ever stop giving me sh*t about today. Ever.

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