Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mighty Lessons

So Friday night around 11:30 PM I headed over to Mighty. It was K.'s b-day party and he'd asked me to throw a few tracks.

When I got there K. informed me that I should just go up to the queue and tell them I'm here and get in queue. He explained that they had an order going and I should just go up there.

I almost left right then. Why you ask?

Well. I swear, the sexism it hurts. I have been really deeply hurt by some of the sexism I have endured in my own backyard so to speak this year... And I guess I was expecting to experience some sexism with like 8 guys in a group.

I was WRONG. Dead, dead, wrong.

I was around at least 8 sausages who didn't even seem to notice i was a girl, really. I asked the one guy about serato and explained that I had brought mine and this guy explained that Mighty's good like that, they have serato wired.

It's a credit to them that they made sure I played. That's the other mighty lesson I learned. I didn't really have much in my collection to go with that dirty electro sound broken beat they had going.

I did fine but I coulda done better. Lesson learned.

I'm purchasing a shEEt load of music right now.

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