Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rainy Days => Museum Daze

Today we went to the museum of American History. It was pretty fabulous. the facade is pretty cool with a nice sculpture of i don't know what :-)

there's exhibits and photos of different types of transportation and significant points in transportation history. Everything is life-sized and walk-in. below is a walk-in old-school-styled elevator.

here's a sign from the edge of the pennsylvania turnpike.

We spent most of our time in the transportation and technology exhibit on the lower level. there was a walk-in diagram of an old-school bus that vibrated.

a video inside played an advertisement extolling the virtues of public transportation. the weird reflection in the plexi-glass is the reflection of the black & white video behind the glass.

here's a picture from another walk-through exhibit featuring this diagram

and here's some people i found along the side of the road:

the photos from my camera (not my camera in my phone... these are taken from my phone) will be in a gallery that i'll put up when i get back home.

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