Friday, February 20, 2009

Holey Shiznit

So first off.... Hella Big Thank you... I know some of you listened and commented in the chat window. Thanks! Seriously. And did we say 2 hours? we meant 2 hours and 40 minutes.... PHEW!

As far as the set goes... I think pretty much everything that can go wrong with serato has gone wrong for me... in such a short time frame. mean i only switched to serato @ the end of last year... i'm still in love with the technology... i'm just saying... it's TRICKSY

so i got this really cool colored control vinyl. which is lighter weight than the regular ones... now that i've been on the internet i think it's cuz i didn't get official rane ones...

what that meant is that i had experienced difficulty mixing from the right table until chris rescued me with one of their heavy-weight regular black rane vinyl control disks... it took me a minute to figure out it was a weird issue i hadn't encountered before... this issue made it impossible to wind back with the vinyl once you'd heard that sweet spot in the record you were looking to mix from. something wrong with the grooves. which sucked as both tracks on that table in the first 4 tracks were a little tricksy to mix... not ones where the down beat started up regular-style.

note to self... i'm taking a sh*t ton of the heavy-weight control disks with me to Europe as I'm not leaving anything to chance. i *can* mix from one table and can totally do that if needed but i really don't want to have to. along with spare needles, my cans, and my own sl-1 control box with back up cabling. oh. and i'm also taking the kitchen sink! again... just as a back up!

as far as the content goes.... it blew even me out of the water in the intensity department... i mean playing that way... after the 2nd hour i seriously started to crash.... no dinner and heavy duty techno... woo-HOO!

that's why i took it from that fierce techno track to the fierce funky-twerk.... nobody can do that level for that long... i don't care what you got going. the human sensory system just doesn't function like that!

i just wanted to say thanks again... To Paul & Chris and to you for your support. I really do love you guys very much. It's cheesy & cliche but i really do think i'm the most lucky girl in the world sometimes... i thank my lucky stars every day!

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