Monday, August 18, 2008

Dan OH MY GOD Berkson and James W-h-a-t WHAT!!!???

to all you suckas who didn't reply to my invite to go the Sunset Party this past Sunday Afternoon... well all I have to say is you LOSE SUCKAS!

It was the best set I've seen all year... Just about. Maybe completely! Well, this year's not over yet so we'll see.... Up there in the top 2 at LEAST. YOWSA folks. I had no room left on my media card but here's some 33 seconds of Dan in an ethereal lovely key riff... Enjoy.

For those not privy to the 4-1-1... These gentlemen are in da' hiz-zouse on one of my favourite freaky-deakey deep tech house labels... Poker Flat Recordings.

I just dug in my bag and I have four pieces of vinyl in my bag from Poker Flat... My bag is my active play list. I said 4!

W-e-r-d. POKER FLAT PPL. Most rad. 'Nuff said.

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