Saturday, August 23, 2008

Space Cadet Slightly Less Spaced... Only Slightly

So I'm going through my record collection trying to decide what to move where...

I live in an apt with what is actually a decently generously-sized kitchen.... Until my technics, studio computer, mixing board, etc, etc, etc moved in. Did I mention my record collection and camping supplies???

Anywho, I'm going through my collection and trying to figure out what goes where... What gets moved to the other room...

And that's when I noticed something. I have a sh*T load of schtuffs from: a) Poker Flat Recordings, b) Steve Bug, and c) Dan Berkson and James What. It's no wonder I had a fabulous time last weekend. And I bet I have a fabulous time tonight, too!

And right now I'm ordering a whole bunch more from all of those artists off of Juno.

Sweet and lovely Musik! You gotta love it. Dark, sexy, deep tech house delicious.

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