Monday, March 16, 2009

One Awesome Parisienne

I arrived in Paris last night. i want to say a big special thanks to my ex-landlady for hooking me up in such a major way. My flat is here


1) Found the website where I found the flat I'm now staying in
2) Went to the flat to meet the owner/look @ the flat for me
3) Got the keys from him as he's in Rome right now and wasn't going to be here to meet me
4) reserved an airport shuttle for me when I had a problem with the website and even e-mailed the number to my mobile when I lost it (silly, silly me)

-- AND --

5) She read my e-mail about my favourite breakfast of baguettes and cheese and stocked the fridge with not only that but some home-made soup
6) Was here waiting @ the flat to meet me when the shuttle arrived. There's nothing more awesome than getting out of the shuttle to an excited person that's so happy you're here calling your name out of the upstairs window

Thanks to my awesome Parisienne friend. I'm very lucky to have your friendship

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