Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday School for Degenerates Party, 28-29 March 2009 WMC

This party was held @ an awesome venue in Miami, the Ice Palace with a killer line-up. In case you guys are wondering... YES... I'm wearing ear plugs (not even filters but PLUGS the WHOLE time I'm shooting this video and everything else). There was only 2 parties where the sound engineer seemed to understand about loud sound. When it's done right, you can stand up against the speakers and it doesn't hurt.

Steve Bug, Solomun, and Joris Voorn ripped her up here. Just ripped it!

I HAVE A NEW GOD... His name is Joris Voorn. And if he can't be the god for any reason... Steve Bug is the runner up.

Joris Voorn, Clip 1:

Joris Voorn, Clip 2:

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