Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ick poo, mushy

Since I'm really sh*tty @ mushy stuff in person and I know most of my friends come by my blog @ some point every so often... I'll do what every emotionally dysfunctional person does... Say it electronically. I mean why say in person what you can blast to a ba-zillion of your closest friends on the internet? I mean really????!!!

So if you are one of my Paris buddies... I'm really enjoying your company. New friends of my old friends, you guys rock, too! I can't tell you how much spending time with you guys has done to heal my wounded spirit.

And SF peeps... boy do I love YOU guys. SF amigos... you guys rock. I've been getting texts and e-mails from you guys... Your post cards are on the way. A little something goofy from me to you. And DC peeps. Ditto. I'm on my way to you guys soon. You know who you are.

BIG MAD LOVE. Peace out.

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