Saturday, March 14, 2009

I've been a very bad, bad putty-tat

I've been going 24x7 since I've been here to Berlin. Tonight I just decided to cut myself a little slack. Today is the first day I didn't get up and go running in the Tiergarten after 4 hours sleep and staying out until 6 - 7 AM.

My second night here I ended up @ a dance party that went all night on a Wednesday! That's right... I said it... a Wednesday.

Berlin is fantastic for a lot of reasons. Let me elaborate on a few of them...

-- I've always said that you shouldn't need chemicals to enjoy your dance night out. They should enhance the experience... not make it. If this is true, one can go out dead cold sober and dance their fool headz off all night long happily... no problem! Berlin has proven me right... The music makes it impossible to leave. And you'll find @ least 50% of the crowd still there @ 0530 . It's die Musik!!!!

-- The architecture is spectacular. I mean wow. I've uploaded a few pics from inside of the Reichstag (their government building) and the surrounding buildings. Noteworthy item: It's proudly noted on a sign in the building that the sham of a government called the third reich never met in the Reichstag.

-- die Klubz... die Klubz! It's not just the clubs... Staggering home exhausted from the party below i walked by a raging broken beat party and then also an indie band. All @ 0545 AM. Lookie here kiddies:

Here's Shaka in a live set... Below I've posted a clip from his DJ set.

Shaka DJ Set:

Now we have Portable/Body Code playing live:

This view is up from the balcony with a nice view down of the crowd:

And now Kai Live:


Ursula said...

can I come with your to Berlin next time. pleeeeaaassse . . .so *jealous*

DJ Zenith said...

you can. i will be back in berlin from 12 - 17 may and then 22 - 2 june. the festival of cultures is during that time and 17 - 21 may we'll detour to amsterdam. tickets are ridiculously ridiculously cheap... try expedia

and. i negotiated a deal with the already very reasonable hotel i'm staying which is sehr zentral gelagen