Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tonight!!! 20 Marz @ the Lizard Lounge in Paris!!!

This Friday night @ the Lizard Lounge I will be playing a very special 4 5 hour set. There will be old school hip hop. There will be rare groove, there will be disko. YES. I said DISKO. But the last 2.5 hours will be boot-knocking, floor-rocking, dance yo' @zz off beats.

Talking heads will make time with The Traamps. Eminem will get busy with Lauryn Hill. And then we will dance. We will dance for hours. Uprooting trees & shrubs & flowers. Like vikings. With horns on our heads! But I digress....

What: DJ Zenith (Funkentanzen, Zenomena) @ the Lizard Lounge

Where: 18 rue dibourg-Tibourg (4eme - le Marais)
Paris, FR

When: 9 PM - 2 AM

Be there or be ????? (back to you on that later)

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