Saturday, March 21, 2009

I think it was the disco ball underwear....

For Liz Taylor, she says white diamonds bring her luck... If you believe the advert anywho. For me I think it's disco ball underwear! No. REALLY!

last time i was here in Paris I had different equipment difficulties... This time it was once again serato not liking one of the tables (again... and misbehaving in an entirely different way). But fortunately this time I had practiced DJing with one table and had the manual with me... *just in case*. One of the serato disks had gotten scratched during transit. Luckily I had 2... not 1 backup... A patron scratched another serato disk.

Three years ago it started out with technical difficulties also and also ended wonderfully. I think it's the disco ball underwear that got me through!

It went down something like this...

I had been playing a lot of synth-heavy 80s... some contemporary, some disco, several Bryan Ferry tracks for the home field advantage...

As I ordered a coca-light sans glace, I was talking to my friend/barkeep and I said to him, I have been playing down tempo because I think they would prefer it... He said in a very French way... "Perhaps... It really depends on the crowd"

I said to myself... than dangit I want to play freaking dance music. And that's just what I did! And I took off like a rocket ship... I am not sure what happened! And almost everyone I care about in Paris was there to share my joy with me. I couldn't ask for anything more from life.

I think I quite possibly had the best night of my life. To date. Ever.

Thank you Paris friends for making me so happy! I will surely not wait 3 years to come back! I really had the time of my life hanging out with you guys! Very healing to my soul.

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