Saturday, May 03, 2008

Accomodations all fouled up

I had quite an adventure when I got back in Thursday night from Cozumel... The hotel I made reservations said I hadn't paid and I thought I had... It was confusion based on the confirmation page... It seems like a common confusion involving the internet.

But the guy @ the desk proceeded to bully me verbally and nobody bullies me, EVER.

The room was not great either... In fact, some might call it quite a dump. I had questions in my mind as to whether the AC was going to work and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep without it... There were necessary bars on the windows... You get my meaning. So that combined with having the same conversation five times in a row with this guy resulted in my taking my dive gear bag and bandaged/war-zone of a body in search of a new place to stay... at 11 PM.

On a big Mexican holiday weekend... I tried first the place we stayed for the wedding which was probably a bad idea in retrospect... Considering the vigor of the wedding festivities for 1 week solid... I might have asked them to help me further had I felt passionately about staying there.

So I schlepped my gear to the next twice-as-fancy-pants hotel... These guys claimed to not even have a phone book. Enter helpless female... You... yes you reader. Stop your laughing. I pulled it off successfully. With a huge smile and a bandaged hand... I ended up one hotel down @ a nice place for the night and the next day finding a much better place then the original place I started with...

The room I have now is twice as big as anything I've stayed in throughout my time in Mexico for cheaper. This is more evidence of my belief that things happen just as they should... I also met a rapper and vocalist from Vancouver who I have enjoyed hanging out with (Nobody Really & Licorice)....

There's gab about me gigging in Vancouver... I gave them a CD and they enjoyed partying to it last night into the wee hours... I'm going to do what I can to help them out in San Francisco, also... It's all about community after all.

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