Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Wanna YAK!!!!

Subtitle: Yak!!! City

This 3 year-old blonde boi... heretoafter referenced as Kiddy... just through a temper tantrum @ the local coffee shop. Let's set up the scene.... shall we?

Kiddy had an oat bran muffin from the local jewel of a bakery... Arizmendi.

ok. kiddy is 3 and that's wayyyy more calories than he needs for the WHOLE day. but at first i thought him and mummy were sharing the muffin which would totally have been appropriate.

mummy got bagel with cream cheese. apparently misunderstanding happened as follows. mummy asked kiddy if he wanted last bite of said bagel half. kiddy wasn't paying attention. finally mummy proceeds to finish off the bagel half.

kiddy then proceeded to throw a temper tantrum when he turned around and mummy had eaten the last bite!

good grief!

tough luck... kiddy! you don't like that oat bran muffin in front of you? poor, spoiled kiddy!

i was so bummed. i was thinking: "you're three kid... sometimes things don't go your way. it's better you learn that now."

people... please don't raise spoiled rotten kidz... the world doesn't need anymore of those.

thx for listening.

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