Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mostly Healed Now

I'm in Puerto Vallarta right now... I will be heading home on Monday.

I probably could have used those stitches after my dive accident... It will be probably another 12-24 hours before all of the wound has closed over... The reef sliced up in between my ring and pinky fingers on my left hand... That is the part of the wound that is having the hardest part healing over...

It's kind of interesting watching the skin grow over today... It's growing over from the bottom up... Until it's closed I can't run or elevate my heart rate in any serious way... I'm glad I got almost all of my weekly running done in Cozumel... I'm not going to be running again until SF.

I'm completely out of the woods as far as a sinus infection from my diving goes although my ears are still water-logged... I'm hoping that alleviates itself before the plane trip back on Monday.

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