Saturday, May 03, 2008

Something I need to get off of my chest

I've finally had the break I needed so very badly and the time alone that I have come to crave... For whatever reason I've become firey and independent... These days I can count the meaningful conversations I have with people per week outside of the office on two fingers.

Which means when I actually *do* attempt to talk to people I need to be listened to and respected... It's hard for me to try to talk to people anymore... Most people are in a constant stream of non-stop conversations with their kids/significant others/families... I have none of these (and therefore don't do this maintenance shallow conversation so well). I tend to have two conversations per week that last a lot longer than this stream of maintenance conversation others have and spend the rest of my time alone... And I have come to rely on that alone time for my mental health.

Anyway... I got plenty of the needed alone time here in Mexico and then some and should be returning to SF with an ear-to-ear smile, a healthy tan, and a couple of scars from the reef on Cozumel and a trip on the cobblestone streets whilst running. Can you believe the owner of the dive shop asked me if I was always in a good mood??? He said he's never seen someone so happy & smiley...

Contrast that with the idiots who occasionally stop me on the street or elsewhere state-side to ask me why I'm not not happy or tell me not to be so angry. SERIOUSLY! You have to be an absolute MORON to stop a stranger and tell them what to do about the mood you assume they have based on your misread of their facial expression... The appropriate thing to do in case of concern is to ask this person if they are OK or if there's something they need. The latter is the best thing you can do, personally.

Some people's mouth's in their natural state turn down @ the corners... It's not a frown... it's their natural facial expression. The offending individual would know that were they not a complete stranger. Which is why they shouldn't be making assumptions about the root cause of a stranger's facial expression in the first place. SIGH.

The funny part is... If I somone actually *is* unhappy... having a stranger attack them about their facial expression would be the WORST thing for it. Now they would have to worry about their facial expression in addition to whatever the root cause was of the facial expression in the first place...

It's what you call a multi-level moron statement.

However, when I return to SF I will patiently explain this DNA phenomena to those who so obviously are at the lower end of the intelligence pool... It's the big dummies that make me really appreciate the smartey pants people I have the privilege and good fortune of hanging out with most of the time....

Speaking of which... I'll close this post with a see you soon! I do love and miss you all.

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