Sunday, May 04, 2008

Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Downtown (old town) Puerto Vallarta has statues every 50 feet or so along the road right along the beach. I asked a waiter and was told it's an Aztec tradition... The current president had them brought in from another place and placed alongside the boardwalk... I photographed them last night before dinner.

It is still the Mexican holiday weekend so there were many tourists. What I noticed was how everyone naturally just got out in, took their picture with a loved one in there, and then got out of the way for someone else to have their turn...

There's an inherent "coolness" in Mexicans... More evidence you ask???!!

I was waiting for the bus last night obviously a gringa... I'm taller than most Mexicans and well... I am not dressing the part, either. I was told to look for a bus that said downtown on it... several buses passed by... every 30 seconds it seemed and I was thinking of just getting on one when this older guy walked by me and said downtown as a bus pulled up... Sure enough it was going downtown despite the fact that it wasn't listed as one of the destinations in the window.

It was really nice of him.

There's a pole along the boardwalk that looks @ least 50 feet in the air... A guy stands atop it and starts blowing his fife and playing the tambourine and shaking his bootay and turning around... the four guys are up there with him... Eventually the guys flip off upside down hanging by ropes while the apparatus begins to rotate the four men counterclockwise...

What's the rope attached to you ask??!! Their cajones of course!! JUST KIDDING.
The ropes get longer and longer while the men get closer and closer to the ground. If you can't picture this... don't worry... I got a video of it... I'll be putting pictures and vidoes up tomorrow from San Francisco. The elongation of the rope/lowering of the men takes over two minutes... I bet their faces are purple @ the bottom... It's amazing they don't pass out.

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